Five years ago, today you were called to the place you used to so preach and talk about, leaving behind numerous teachings and advice—and so...

Five years since you departed, grandpa

Five years ago, today you were called to the place you used to so preach and talk about, leaving behind numerous teachings and advice—and so many memories to smile and be thankful for.

It's not easy sometimes for some of us to comprehend your departure, but I know that life and God himself know best; He knew you served well on this earth, and that it was your time to fly and rest where there is no pain or sorrows.

How nice it is to remember your smile, your words of encouragement, the warmest of your heart, your sense of humor, your delicious meals, and your spirit to care for others. How nice it is, even more, to hear these things from others, the stories they will tell me about you, of how you helped them, the advice you offered, those small pranks or jokes you used to play, or even of the time when you shared part of the little that you had.

I remember growing up you would always look out for me, you were constantly into what I was doing, you were of those few who used to encourage me to continue doing what I love, reminding me to trust in God and myself to succeed, and to take care of my health.

How can I forget those early Sunday morning baths in the sea? When you used to show me and my cousins to swim, or on weekdays before school when you used to cook my favorite meal and make sure I would have my share.

You were there to save me on numerous occasions from getting a lashing —even though I deserved it most of the time. I smile whenever I remember this, you were my hero, a peacemaker, the one who wanted truce and tranquility among everyone, and you pursue that until your last days.

There's something very characteristic of you that I will never forget, and that's your blessings, hugs, and kisses on the forehead when I had to travel for a short or long period. You always wish me well and pray for me. That was your way of showing that you cared.

I think it's good to remember these things and to understand that our flesh was never met to be forever on this earth and that we shouldn't be selfish to think that we can have someone around us forever, 'cause while we grow, and the more knowledge we inquire is when we learn that what truly matters is how we lived with others and how much we have served, because only then will we be eternal and be remembered.

I am proud that I had you for many years, and of my surname, because you gave it the greatest of honor and significance, which I know by the way you lived those are love, honestly, loyalty, faith, service, respect, and solidarity, of what only a true Tower possesses.

You never judge, you always worried about others and mostly your own, you would try to make everyone happy and feel involved, this I know by heart and because many others had said the same thing too.

So, daddy, 'buelo, pee or dadda (as how we used to call you), I know wherever you are you're smiling and doing well, because people like you live on forever, happy in the place where death is no more.

Thank you for everything, my dearest and beloved grandpa!

Shayron Tower